Abstract Records

Created in Miami- Abstract Records is an avant-garde indie record label created by music executive and musician Kenny Cordova in 2008. Releases include The Agent-K Quartet and Kenny Cordova. The imprint was created in an effort to have a platform for creating and documenting avant-garde music and projects. The vision has since grown to be a co-op of sort where musicians and artists can document their expressions with no limits and with the support of their peers. Future projects include music designed to inspire the creative development of children and a concept record of preludes inspired by life moments.

Supported in part by several unique individuals who have contributed their talents, creativity and vision for the good of Art. In no particular order – They are David Burgos, Bobby MacIntyre, Chris Ceja, Stephen Marsh & Marsh Mastering, Brad Haehnel, Craig Bishop, Grecco Buratto, artist Tom Reyes, Chaka Blackmon, Sandro Feliciano, Nick Rosen, Max Farber, Omar Tavarez, Jacob Almeida, Sam Savage, Nomar Negroni, Aaron Fishbein, Sergio Minski, and Buffalo Brown.